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   WHO AM I   

Hello. I'm William Krenz.


I started working on a hot summer day in Connecticut in my early school years with our family’s lawnmower.   By the end of high school, I had turned that into a real business with five full time employees.   As undergrad came to a close, I met the girl I would marry and sold my business to go to grad school. This triggered the start of my corporate career.  


I've always found myself to be very creative and greatly enjoy working on reimagining business and the operations that support them.  I've had the opportunity to work at several large and small organizations and with roles tied to transformation and the launch of new capabilities. During these pursuits I have always been interested in decision making and how both individuals and organizations go about that process. Further I really enjoy learning from others and hearing their stories. Two Roads is an indie podcast we created to explore these topics.  


I live and work in the San Francisco Bay area, coaching youth sports and have had adjunct faculty appointments at the graduate schools of Johns Hopkins and the University of California at Irvine.

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